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Transport by Road

Air-conditioned Minibuses Custom designed to provide maximum leg room.

The interiors of AquaMarine Diving – Bali’s seven air-conditioned Isuzu Elf minibuses were custom-designed to provide maximum leg room.

AMD-B minibuses carry 6 passengers + driver and guide; other companies carry 12 passengers in the same space….

AquaMarine Diving - Bali Custom Made Dive Boats

Transport by Sea

AquaMarine's Custom Made Dive Boats

AquaMarine Diving – Bali’s dive boats are, without a doubt, the three best custom-made dive boats in Bali.

Each boat has either two or three 4-stroke Suzuki engines (200 or 250hp) and has a 3-person boat crew.

For your comfort, our dive boats include an exit ladder, ample tank storage space, on-board toilet, cushioned seating, non-slip floor mats, roof for protection from sun and wind/rain, sundeck with mattress, coffee/tea/hot chocolate and bottled water.

Safety equipment includes marine radio communication, life jackets, life rings, fire extinguisher, O2 kit, and first-aid kit.

Dive Equipment - Bali Dive Shop

AquaMarine's Dry Equipment Room

AquaMarine’s 20 metre dive equipment building consists of the dry equipment room, wet equipment area and the compressor room.

AquaMarine mainly uses Oceanic and Aqualung equipment, with ScubaPro wetsuits (very comfortable). 3 Bauer Mariner compressors are used to fill our 200+ tanks. Most tanks are 12 litre aluminium, with some 6, 8, 10 and 15 litre tanks available. Nitrox is available in 12 litre tanks.

Environmental Awareness

Indonesia's first Project AWARE Go ECO Operator

Go Eco Operator

AquaMarine Diving – Bali is Indonesia’s first Project AWARE Go ECO Operator. “As a Go ECO Operator we are committed to providing dive experiences that enhance visitor awareness, appreciation and understanding of the local aquatic environment.”

Green Fins

AquaMarine Diving – Bali became a member of Green Fins in January 2018. Green Fins is the world’s first externally-assessed set of environmental standards for SCUBA diving and snorkelling centres. Being a Green Fins Member requires an annual assessment, follow-up training (if required) on environmental standards, and following the Green Fins Code of Conduct.

Project AWARE PADI Green Star Award Recipient

PADI Green Star Award

AMD-B is a PADI Project AWARE PADI Green Star Award Recipient. AquaMarine Diving – Bali has received the PADI Green Star Award which demonstrates our “dedication to conservation across a wide range of business functions”.

AquaMarine supports Project AWARE Foundation

Project AWARE

AquaMarine Diving – Bali actively supports the Project AWARE Foundation. The Foundation promotes programmes beneficial to the environment such as ecological clean-ups, public environmental education programmes and research. It is therefore in everyone’s best interests to support this organisation!

Included in the AquaMarine fee for each PADI course is USD10 which is donated to Project AWARE. Also, guests undertaking Dive Safaris are offered the opportunity to make a voluntary donation to the organisation.

AquaMarine’s on-staff Project AWARE Coordinator arranges regular beach and underwater clean-ups involving our Dive Staff, Boat Crews, and Drivers.

Charities Supported by AquaMarine

Bali Wise


Created by the ROLE Foundation in October 2007, Bali WISE provides education for women from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

Bali WISE believes a better education for women will contribute to women’s empowerment and poverty reduction throughout Indonesia, including Bali.

To address these problems, Bali WISE educates and trains women from deprived areas in the local communities with the skills they need to make informed life choices, such as vocational skills that can generate sustainable income whilst minimizing environmental harm, and promoting restoration of the environment.

East Bali Poverty Project

East Bali Poverty Project

In 1998 a mountain village of over 3,000 families in 19 remote hamlets, isolated from the rest of Bali without water, sanitation, roads, schools, health facilities and electricity made an appeal for help. The response came from a British resident of Bali, David Booth MBE, who founded The East Bali Poverty Project (EBPP) to provide the support the villagers needed to build a sustainable future for themselves. A partnership of mutual trust was established requiring 100% motivation and participation from all residents rather than reliance on hand outs.

Years on and this partnership is stronger than ever. A community driven focus on children’s education and access to health care and safe water has eradicated once widespread illiteracy, malnutrition and iodine deficiency disorders. However there is still much to do. EBPP currently run many diverse environmental initiatives working to secure a self sustaining and brighter future for Bali’s poorest people.

Friends of the National Parks Foundation

Founded in 1997, FNPF is an Indonesian non-profit organization working to protect wildlife, restore habitats, and improve the wellbeing of local communities.

The founders and key staff are Indonesian, mainly veterinarians and qualified environmental scientists.

FNPF’s goal is to create a harmonious, sustainable balance between wildlife habitats and local communities by securing environments for wildlife, restoring and rebuilding habitats, and persuading local communities to protect them.

Much of their conservation work is focused on improving the wellbeing of the local communities in ways that protect wildlife and habitats. By increasing employment possibilities and therefore generating more income (through education, agro-forestry, eco tourism, mixed & organic farming, etc), their need to work in environmentally destructive sectors, such as illegal logging & mining, slash & burn farming and palm oil plantations will reduce.

Smile Foundation

Smile Foundation

The Smile Foundation of Bali (founded 2005) is a non-profit organization that identifies and helps people with craniofacial disabilities to access quality healthcare and surgery.

The Smile Foundation gives people access to operations for craniofacial issues such as a cleft lip, palate or other craniofacial deformities. These are often a result of birth defects, accidents, or tumours. They also help underprivileged people from Lombok and further east, raising funds for operations either here in Bali or in Adelaide, Australia at the Australian Craniofacial Unit.