AquaMarine Diving – Bali’s Certified PADI Dive Guides and PADI Dive Instructors

Our Bali Dive Guides and Instructors

Every member of AquaMarine’s Dive Team is a Renewed PADI Member: Divemaster or above, and in fact more than 70% are PADI Scuba Instructors (or above) with additional Specialty qualifications.

We are proud that all of our dive staff are Indonesian, not only Balinese but also from other areas of Indonesia. All were chosen for their skills, but also for what they as individuals bring to AquaMarine Diving – Bali, in terms of knowledge, experience and talent.

Meet the AquaMarine Dive Team

AquaMarine Diving - Bali PADI Instructors and Divemasters
AquaMarine Diving – Bali PADI Instructors and Divemasters

All members of the AquaMarine Dive Team are very experienced and know the dive sites around Bali exceptionally well.

AquaMarine only offers Bali’s better dive locations and, although the weather changes seasonally, our dive guides do not. Therefore, AquaMarine’s dive guides are able to share with our guests the knowledge they have acquired through years of experience seeing seasonal, climatic and manmade changes at the dive sites.

Read the dive team profiles to learn a little bit about whom you may be diving with – or maybe someone you have already met!

Wayan Suanda

Wayan Suanda (Wayan)

Diving since1993
CertificationMSDT 460177
InterestsUW macro photography & pelagics

I am Director of Diving Operations. I have been with AMD-B since the beginning in September 1999. I was born in Amed in north east Bali so since childhood I love sea, until now. I love diving and teach as much as possible people starting love the ocean.

Ketut Suarta PADI Instructor

Ketut Suarta (Ketut)

Diving since1995
CertificationOWSI 462394
InterestsMacro critters & night diving

I joined AMD-B 13 May 2002 and I am Senior Instructor. I really love my four children. Night-diving is what I most like, it is just different.

Ketut Sumitra PADI Instructor

Ketut Sumitra (Mitra)

Diving since2001
CertificationOWSI 469526
InterestsTeach someone who doesn’t know about diving. Seeing pelagics and macro underwater.

I really didn’t know about diving when I started, I just do it for a job, but when I became an Instructor then I start to care about our ocean environment, and really care about marine conservation. I hope everyone does the same, not polluting our oceans. I joined AquaMarine in April 2004.

Wayan Sujana PADI Instructor

Wayan Sujana (Sujana)

Diving since2001
CertificationOWSI 467923
InterestsI love diving, that is all!

I want to learn more about underwater photography.

Aan Dwi Zainul Khosiin PADI Open Water SCUBA Instructor

Aan Dwi Zainul Khosiin (Aan)

Diving since1997
CertificationOWSI 462896

Because of my experience diving around Bali, I think it’s the best place for diving, sun and having fun.

Wayan Gede Muliartha PADI Instructor

Wayan Gede Muliartha (Mul)

Diving since2005
CertificationOWSI 492794

I am a nice person, chatty and easy-going. I joined AMD-B in 2006. I have a wife and two sons.

Joseph Suparman PADI Instructor

Joseph Suparman (Parman)

Diving since2000
CertificationOWSI 482438
FromManado, North Sulawesi
InterestsTo meet and share about diving with other people.

Joined AMD-B March 2010. I like to be a spotter and try to find really small critters, maybe I can find new species but still not yet. I love Mola-Mola and Manta, that why I come diving in Bali, Yahoooo!

Ketut Paramarta PADI Instructor

Ketut Paramarta (Marta)

Diving since2005
CertificationOWSI 486469
InterestsFavourite dive site is Toyapakeh (at Nusa Penida) because of the colourful corals. My greatest dive was at Sental (north coast N Penida) because I saw a Thresher shark but my favourite marinelife is nudibranchs.

I worked for 10 years from jukung (local outrigger) captain in Sanur to SSI Instructor. Then I join AquaMarine in 2013 and became PADI Instructor. I have 2 children, I love my family very much, when I am not diving, I am busy helping my wife and with my children. I have never dived outside Bali.

Putu Wisnu Andika PADI Divemaster

Putu Wisnu Andika (Putu)

Diving since2006
CertificationDM 498867
InterestsGood to know about underwater marine life, like fish, coral, and creatures, and very, very enjoy to see Mantas…!

After graduating high school, I joined a liveaboard as a crew member and learned to dive in Raja Ampat in 2006. After working there for 9 years, I returned to Bali and joined AquaMarine on 26 November 2014.

Gede Ariawan PADI DiveMaster

Gede Ariawan (Gede)

Diving since1994
CertificationDM 274481
InterestsEverything to do with diving.

I love the ocean and marinelife. All my best friends are at AquaMarine and I like to go diving with them.

Steve Pasla PADI Divemaster

Steve Pasla (Steve)

Diving since2007
CertificationDM 306581
FromManado, North Sulawesi
InterestsGet to see a different world and different life underwater

I never planned to be a diver but once I tried it, I liked it very much – that’s why I keep doing it. And here I am now. I first joined AquaMarine in March 2013.

Kadek Suparta PADI Divemaster

Kadek Suparta (Kadek)

Diving since2004
CertificationDM 323760
InterestsGet to know many different types of fish.

I am AMD-B’s Equipment Manager. I joined 1 July 2002. I love my job. AquaMarine gave me all the training including Divemaster in 2009.

AMD-B’s “11 Month PADI Divemaster Internship for Indonesian Citizens”

At the end of 2011, AquaMarine introduced its latest initiative to re-invest into Bali’s dive community: The “AMD-B 11 Month PADI Divemaster Internship 2012 for Indonesian Citizens”.

Each January a maximum of four Interns start this programme with us. Each intern has an AMD-B OWSI assigned to them as a mentor however the entire dive team is participating in all aspects of their training (OWD to DM).

This initiative arose as AMD-B looked for ways to invest back into the local community, providing the highest level of training for each candidate so that they can confidently pursue a career in the dive industry.