Mola Mola (Ocean Sunfish) & Manta Ray Diving in Bali

Manta Ray  & Mola Mola Dive Trips & Dive Sites

Where, When & How to Dive With Mola Mola and Manta Rays in Bali

Hope to see Mola Mola and Manta Rays in Bali during your dive holiday in Bali?

Book a Mola Mola dive or Manta Point Trip to increase your chances of spending time underwater with these magnificent creatures.

In Bali we are lucky to sight Manta Rays year around. By learning more about Mantas, everyone can become actively involved in conservation and education about these majestic fishes.

PADI Manta Ray Awareness Specialty

AquaMarine offers a PADI Manta Ray Awareness Specialty.

The Manta Ray specialty will introduce you to the classifications of Manta rays, Manta Ray physiology and features, reproduction, habitats, cleaning, feeding, diving with Manta Rays and Manta Ray conservation.

Manta Ray / Mola Mola 1 Day Trips

Dive in Bali with Mola Mola, Sunfish

Mola Mola Day Trips

Between July and mid-November each year the amazing Mola Mola (Ocean sunfish) rise up to recreational diving depths off Bali’s coast. We typically dive either Blue Corner or Crystal Bay although Vertigo Point is the favourite Mola Mola site for some members of AquaMarine’s team.

Travel along the spectacular coastline of Nusa Penida to dive at either Manta Point I or Manta Point II and then move to another Nusa Penida dive site for your next dive(s). A Day Trip to remember.

Manta Ray / Mola Mola Dive Sites

Manta Point I & II

Manta Rays year round. The two Manta Point dives are the most popular sites in Bali to dive with them.

Vertigo Point

Also known as Batu Abah, this is a great site for spotting pelagics.


Toyapakeh is usually a popular site for Mola Mola when they are in season otherwise a wide and interesting reef.

Blue Corner

Blue Corner is another popular site for a Mola Mola dive during the season as well as being a great site for drift diving.

Crystal Bay

A great site with good conditions for observing Mola Mola, Crystal Bay also has a pretty reef and wall.

Malibu Point

This is usually a slow, enjoyable drift dive with schooling fusiliers, trevallys, frogfish and possibly Mola Mola but can be subject to strong currents. Bali’s largest variety of sharks are at this site.

Guidelines for Diving with Manta Rays & Mola Mola

Mola Mola Code of Conduct

Before your Mola Mola dive read AquaMarine’s Code of Conduct, learn how to ensure the Ocean Sunfish can settle onto cleaning stations without being disturbed. The removal of parasites at the cleaning stations is critical to the health of the Mola Molas. Once settled, they will remain for longer periods, offering better quality interaction.

Mola Mola Diving Guidelines

AquaMarine asks you, and all divers joining a a Mola Mola Dive Spotting Trip, to agree to these guidelines for your own safety and the safety of the Bali’s Mola Mola!