Bali Dive Sites: Padangbai – Biaha

Padangbai Dive Sites – Biaha

Located off Bali’s east coast, Biaha is a great site for those who enjoy a challenging dive with a rich reef and spectacular walls as well as a cave where we find sleeping sharks on most dives.
Shark Sleeping in Cave at Biaha Dive Site Bali

Shark Sleeping in Cave, Bali

Biaha – Shark Cave

The last of the rocky outcrops making up our dive sites in this area is the crescent-shaped Biaha. Again, a site best suited to advanced divers, this is the favourite of AquaMarine’s owner, Annabel Thomas.

Diving on this dive site is divided up between the slightly more protected south west end, almost inside the crescent, and the more turbulent conditions on the north side.

Just about the entire island is surrounded by a rich and dense coral reef, part rugged, black wall and part slope.

On the inside of the crescent is a small cave where sleeping White-tip reef sharks are often spotted.

Other marinelife commonly seen here include Leaf scorpionfish, cuttlefish, anglerfish and a variety of nudibranchs that will satisfy any enthusiast.

The landscape and wild beauty of the site are what makes it so spectacular for divers and keeps them coming back to this site every year.