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2020 AWARE Week Special Offers with AquaMarine Diving – Bali

Increase your ‘Eco Awareness’
PADI Specialties Discount Offers during 2020 AWARE Week
19-27 September, 2020

AWARE Week Special - Eco Awareness

AWARE Week Special - Eco Awareness

Day Trip: PPB and Dive Against Debris Specialties

(inc 1 hour Beach Clean-up).

Published: IDR 332 $£€¥…USD 225 | 

AWARE Week: IDR 251 $£€¥…USD 170 |  per person

Day Trip: ‘Adopt A Dive Site’ UW Clean-up with DAD Specialty

Join our 2 tank “Adopt a Dive Site – Dive Against Debris” trip at The Jetty.

– price includes your DAD Specialty

(inc 1 hour Beach Clean-up).

Published: IDR 140 $£€¥…USD 95 | 

AWARE Week: IDR 125 $£€¥…USD 85 |  per person

AWARE Week Special - PADI Specialty

AWARE Week Special - PADI Specialty

Day Trip: Mola-Mola with PADI Manta Ray Awareness Specialty

Book our Mola Mola Special and take your Manta Awareness Specialty!

Published: IDR 421 $£€¥…USD 285 | 

AWARE Week: IDR 391 $£€¥…USD 265 |  per person

Non-diving: Take 3 PADI ‘Eco’ Specialties

Published: IDR 465 $£€¥…USD 315 | 

AWARE Week: IDR 376 $£€¥…USD 255 |  per person

T&C: PADI Specialty prices do not include the diving.

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