AWARE – Shark Conservation

AWARE – Shark Conservation Diver

Take the PADI AWARE Shark Conservation Specialty with AMD-B to discover: The value of sharks to marine ecosystems and economies, causes of declining shark populations, and how to dispel misconceptions. Sharks need you!
PADI AWARE Shark Conservation Specialty Course

PADI AWARE Shark Conservation Specialty Course

AWARE – Shark Conservation

Want to know more about sharks? Whether you love them or are scared of them, sharks are an essential part of a healthy ocean. This course explores why they are vulnerable, the importance of a healthy shark population, managing threats and how to take action to protect them.

During the course you will discover:

  • The conservation status of sharks
  • Why they are unique and vulnerable; how to manage threats to sharks
  • The importance of healthy shark populations to marine ecosystems and economies
  • Causes of declining shark populations and the actions you can take
  • How to become a knowledgeable and passionate shark defender
  • How you can dispel misconceptions and act to protect sharks

Sharks need you!

Show Info & Price: AWARE Shark Conservation Specialty
PADI AWARE Shark Conservation Specialty
General Overview
Min. Age: 12
Min. Certification: Open Water Diver (or Junior OWD)
No. of Dives: 2
Duration: 1 day
Max. Depth: 18 metres (or certification levels)
Location in Bali (suggested): Biaha
eLearning: no
Next course: none
IDR 162 $£€¥…USD 105 |  $£€¥… + day trip
+OWDC IDR 905 $£€¥…USD 585 |  $£€¥…
+AOWDC IDR 843 $£€¥…USD 545 |  $£€¥…

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