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Standard Room Dive into Ambon

Standard Room Dive into Ambon

Dive into Ambon Spa

Dive into Ambon Spa

Dear AMD-B friends and followers

Ambon has some of the most remote dive sites found in the Indonesian archipelago. Nicknamed ‘Spice Island’ due to historically being at the heart of the spice trade, Ambon is now famous for white sand beaches with pristine corals and abundant marinelife. Ambon itself is a haven for muck-diving enthusiasts while liveaboards explore the array of diving available in the Banda Sea.

Dive Sites
Taking a closer look at Ambon’s specialty:
– ‘Twilight Zone’ is home to ghost pipefish, rhinophias, frogfish, crustaceans, seahorses, octopus, and of course nudibranchs, understandably making it one of the most popular muck sites.
– Other sites such as ‘Middle Point’ are also home to many more amazing species including the rare Halimeda ghost pipefish.
In the south of the island, you’ll find great wall/reef diving. The underwater arch at Pintu Kota is covered in gorgonians and other sea fans with attendant critters.
If you’d like to squeeze in a bit of variety to your muck diving schedule, you could visit the Duke of Sparta shipwreck close to Ambon harbour.

Dive Seasons
Ambon lies 3° south of the Equator so is hot-and-humid. There is less rain mid-September to April with visibility at its best October to December.
June to August tends to have heavier rain and stronger winds therefore many dive resorts close for maintenance.
Just check with your AMD-B Dive Travel Consultant on Tours@AquaMarineDiving.com to ensure confidence in your arrangements.

Most international flights land in Jakarta or Bali. Some domestic flights from Jakarta to Ambon go via Manado in North Sulawesi. So, if you are perhaps looking for a month of diving, you could do a week each in:
– Bali (has it all!),
– Manado for Bunaken National Park (walls) and/or Lembeh (muck).
– and then Ambon.
Just a thought

Although Ambon is rightly proud of its diving, there is less to see and do topside however it’s worth taking a city tour for photographic opportunities. Natsepa Beach is only a short ride from the city – stop at the roadside and try the local ‘rujak’, a sweet and tangy local dish of unripe fruit and peanut sauce. You can visit the traditional market for fresh fruit and vegetables – perhaps try some of the famous spices 🙂 If you still have time, go to see the World Peace Gong and Christina Tiahahu Statue.

Considering Ambon is comparatively remote, please make sure your AMD-B Dive Travel Consultant is aware of your needs. As always, they will be more than happy to offer recommendations and make arrangements to suit your preferences.


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