November 2021 Beyond Bali eNews

Due to the SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 pandemic and severe travel restrictions, AquaMarine has suspended our ‘Beyond Bali’ and ‘Bali & Beyond’ Special Offers. We will remain in contact with you through our monthly Beyond Bali eNewsletters, providing information to inspire your future Indonesia dive travel plans through us. Stay happy, stay safe, and please stay in contact with us!

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Coral reef at Banda Islands - Tanjung Nunukae

Coral reef at Banda Islands - Tanjung Nunukae

Schools of fish at Banda Islands - Terbang Utara

Schools of fish at Banda Islands - Terbang Utara

Coral reef at Banda Islands - Terbang Selatan

Coral reef at Banda Islands - Terbang Selatan

Dear AMD-B friends and followers

AquaMarine Diving – Bali’s November 2021 ‘Beyond Bali Diving Inspiration’ eNews takes us to the Banda Islands.

The Banda Islands are one of Indonesia’s top destinations for divers. Both experts and beginners will enjoy themselves here as the diving ranges from the shallow lagoon between Banda Neira and Gunung Api, to the vertical walls of Hatta Island, the most easterly in the group.

Located in Maluku (Molluca) province, the Banda Islands are 200km from the nearest port town of Ambon, and are made up of 9 islands. Long known for their spices, these islands have attracted regional and international traders for more than 3.000 years. The first Europeans arrived in 1500. The biggest and most valuable commodities were nutmeg and cloves as, at that time, they were only found in the Banda Islands.

Diving in Banda
Set in the heart of Indonesia, the remoteness of the Banda Islands along with the low levels of human population, have meant less fishing and pollution pressures resulting in a vibrant, natural and healthy reef system.

Diving in the Banda Islands offers amazingly colourful walls, drop-offs, bommies and pinnacles!

The very clear and nutrient-rich upwelling waters bring in schools of hammerhead sharks, and pelagics such as sunfish (Mola-Mola), Dogtooth tunas, reef sharks, and sailfish. There are various ‘hammerhead hotspots’ where – at certain times of the year (Sep-Nov is best) – schools of more than 200 hammerheads have been witnessed. Whales also frequently pass through the strait.

Banda Diving Season
Diving is usually comfortable with average visibility of 15-30 meters, mild currents and calm waters. December/January (NW monsoon) June-August (SE monsoon) can have turbulent seas. The ‘best’ months are April and October 🙂

How to reach Banda
The Banda Islands are often included in some liveaboard schedules when crossing from Komodo, Raja Ampat, Alor or Flores.

And of course dive resorts offer attractive diving/accommodation packages. There are domestic flights from Jakarta and Bali to Ambon via Ujung Pandang (Makassar), and from there to the Banda Islands.

For more info on the safari routes and durations at Banda Islands, and to start your planning, please make sure your AMD-B Travel Consultant is aware of your needs. As always, they will be more than happy to offer recommendations and make arrangements to suit your preferences. Contact us on today!


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