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Bali Holidays - Balinese Kecak Dance

Balinese Traditional Dance

Bali Dive Safaris

At AquaMarine Diving – Bali we specialise in customising itineraries to suit our clients.

A Bali Dive Safari / Dive Package (includes both diving and accommodation) is a great way to see more of Bali, visit several dive sites and reduce road travel.

A Dive Safari can be as short as 2 days / 1 night or stretch to multiple weeks of intensive diving.

Staying close to the dive sites will allow you to include more dives per day at the shore entry locations, to relax between dives and, for underwater photographers, to time your dives for preferred lighting.

Tulamben Ocean View - Bali Dive Resort

Tulamben Ocean View - Bali Dive Resort

Select Hotels That Suit You

Hotel and resort accommodation is selected for you by AquaMarine based on your preferences and budget, and giving (those that want it) ample time to relax and unwind on ‘The Island of the Gods’.

PADI Dive Courses

PADI Dive Courses

Include PADI Dive Courses

Your Bali holiday can include PADI Scuba Diving Courses from PADI Scuba Diver, through the PADI Advanced Diver Course, a huge selection of PADI Specialties and the Master Scuba Diver right up to AMD-B’s One-Month PADI Divemaster Programme.

Butterflyfish & Moorish idol, Tulamben Bay

Butterflyfish & Moorish idol, Tulamben Bay

Visit Dive Sites You Will Enjoy

Dive sites will be selected to provide the type of diving you enjoy. We guarantee Bali has dive sites to suit every taste, interest and level of experience.

You can dive vertical walls and sand slopes; steel and wooden shipwrecks; limestone shorelines and black, volcanic outcrops; peaceful bays and ripping currents; deep, coral-covered ridges, shallow sea grass beds and big bommies, as well as both shore and boat diving.

Ornate Ghost Pipefish - Menjangan Island

Ornate Ghost Pipefish - Menjangan Island

Dive Packages for Underwater Photographers

Underwater photographers will appreciate the diversity of Bali’s dive sites with both macro and wide angle photographic opportunities, and some great muck sites. We offer programmes specifically designed for underwater photographers and have outstanding dedicated spotter guides on staff.

Tanah Lot, Bali

Tanah Lot, Bali

Add Land Based Activities

In addition to scuba diving services, we can help you to arrange a multitude of land-based activities in Bali. Suggestions vary from massages and yoga classes, to interesting land activities such as trekking, whitewater rafting and cycling.

Alternatively, explore other parts of Bali by participating in any of AquaMarine’s private full and half day Land Yours around the island.

AquaMarines Suggestions for Your Bali Holiday Package

The combination of diverse dive sites and topside activities makes Bali the perfect holiday destination for both divers and non-divers.

AquaMarine caters for individuals, families, groups and specialist divers.

Here on our website you will find detailed itineraries for some of our Popular Bali Dive Safaris and suggestions for Bali Holidays. AquaMarine would, of course, be delighted to put together a tailor-made programme that specifically caters to you, and your interests and needs.

Please contact us so we can start to plan your ideal programme.

When arranging your diving activities, please remember that central Bali is quite mountainous and you should allow 24 hours between finishing diving and ascending to altitude (including flying). Note: the PADI standard is a minimum 18 hours, however we recommend a slightly longer safety margin between diving and flying.