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AquaMarine Diving – Bali’s Project AWARE Specialty for underwater conservationists.
Project Aware Padangbai Beach Cleanup

Project Aware Padangbai Beach Cleanup

Project AWARE Specialist

The Project AWARE Foundation supports programmes beneficial to the environment such as ecological clean-ups, public environmental education programmes, and research. The course aims to familiarise both divers and non-divers with the plight of worldwide aquatic ecosystems and to describe what an individual can do to help protect them.

During the course you will study:

The role that Project AWARE plays in protecting our aquatic environment, and the ways in which you can help;
The importance and interdependence of worldwide aquatic ecosystems – All oceans and seas are ultimately connected, and what happens in one area has knock-on effects around the globe;
Pertinent issues concerning the environmental status of worldwide aquatic ecosystems, including:

  • Fisheries Concerns
  • Coastal Zone Management
  • Marine Pollution

The status of specific, critically endangered marine environments, and how we can all work to save them; and the role of the diver in protecting the aquatic environment.

Open to All

The Project AWARE Specialty does not involve diving, and is therefore open to all – children and adults, divers, snorkellers, swimmers and non swimmers. By becoming a Project AWARE Specialist you have shown your concern and commitment to improving the future of our aquatic environment.

Show Info & Price: Project Aware Specialty

PADI Project Aware Specialty
General Overview
Min. Age: n/a
Min. Certification: n/a
No. of Dives: 0
Duration: 4 hours
Max. Depth: n/a
Location in Bali (suggested): AMD-B office; your hotel; at dive site
eLearning: no
Next course: n/a
IDR 169 $£€¥…USD 105 |  + day trip

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