Bali Muck Diving Trip : Puri Jati

1 Day Puri Jati Trip for Muck Diving

Puri Jati Trip. One of Bali’s many wonderful muck dives, is located on the edge of Seririt village. To assist the local economy, AquaMarine built extensive dive facilities at Puri Jati.
Puri Jati Dive Trip, Seahorse

Puri Jati Dive Trip, Seahorse

Puri Jati 1 Day SCUBA Diving Trips

Another of AquaMarine’s incredible muck diving sites in Bali is Puri Jati, located in the centre of Bali’s north coast.

This area is a little isolated so we usually encourage divers to include it as part of a Dive Safari. However it does make a very rewarding 1 Day Puri Jati Trip for muck-divers and macro-photographers.

Traveling to Puri Jati from south Bali, we are able to go through the mountains. The scenery along the way is very pretty and the views can be breathtaking (all the way to east Java on a clear day). After diving however we need to abide by the ‘ascending to altitude after diving’ guidelines and use the coastal road to return to south Bali – quite a long trip!

Puri Jati Dive Trip, Octopus Coconut

Puri Jati Trip Dive Facilities

Bali Day Dive Trip - Underwater Photography Equipment

Bali Day Dive Trip - Underwater Photography Equipment

To assist the local economy, and to make diving more pleasant and efficient for everyone, AquaMarine financed and built the dive facilities at Puri Jati . This includes bathrooms, changing rooms, seating area, rinse tanks, showers, etc.

A per diver usage fee is charged by the local community – half is used for maintenance costs and the other half to help Seririt village.

Puri Jati Dive Trip Prices, PADI Courses, Travel Arrangements

Puri Jati Muck Diving Day Trips – General Overview

Dive Sites: Puri Jati
Prices are per person,
based on minimum 2 divers.
1 person possible at additional cost
IDR 209 $£€¥…USD 135 |  $£€¥…
recommended as a 2 Day/1 Night Safari (dive and accommodation package)
Trip Arrangements: 2.5 hours (outbound)
4.5 hours (return)
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