Bali Dive Sites: Amed Ghost Bay

Muck Diving Sites – Amed Ghost Bay

Amed Ghost Bay is an interesting and varied muck site which offers great underwater photographic opportunities for our guests.
Ornate Ghost Pipefish, Solenostomus paradoxus, Bali

Ornate Ghost Pipefish, Solenostomus paradoxus, Bali

Amed Ghost Bay

Named by Wayan Suanda, AMD-B’s Director of Diving Operations due to the number of Ornate ghostpipefish he saw on his very first dive here. Amed Ghost Bay is a variable site both in terms of topography and what you are likely to see.

There are pieces of artificial reef installed by a local dive company, some areas of gentle slope, others of steep slope, a flat bottom in places, and patches of coral a short distance away from the main area.

What macro photography subjects will you see at Amed Ghost Bay?

The artificial reef is home to large stonefish and moray eels, while on the slopes you can see Mimic octopus, Wonderpus, Painted and Clown frogfish including tiny juveniles, and other sand dwellers. Make sure you look carefully at any pieces of old rope, sea pens and rocks as seahorses and ghostpipefish love this area.

In the depths we’ve often seen sleeping White-tip reef sharks, schooling batfish and bannerfish, Bumphead parrotfish, and some unexpected pelagic fish.