2024 Bali Diving Discounts, Specials & Dive Packages

Discounts on Diving in Indonesia

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Diver and Non-diver Promotions

Enjoy the Snorkelling!

Enjoy the Snorkelling!

Snorkelling and ‘Discover Scuba Diving’ Special Offer

Tuesdays and Fridays: Snorkelling and DSD (aka ‘Try Diving’) in Blue Lagoon, just outside Padangbai on Bali’s east coast.

  • 3pax: Free Barbecue Lunch
  • 4pax: Free Barbecue Lunch and Free Camera Rental

If your group (3-4 pax) adds a 2nd day of Snorkelling or DSD, this time to Tulamben Bay or Amed: 25% Discount for that Day Trip.


Dive Safari (Dive/Accom package) Promotions

Night Dive Trip at Tulamben

Night Dive Trip at Tulamben

Popular Dives Getaway

Please choose one accommodation for your 2 nights stay (all Deluxe Rooms):
Ocean View Tulamben or Arya Amed or The Watergarden Hotel & Spa, Candidasa.

IDR 851 $£€¥…USD 550 |  $£€¥… pp based on 2 divers

Want to visit Nusa Penida/Manta Point on Day 3?! – plus

IDR 116 $£€¥…USD 75 |  $£€¥… pp based on 2 divers

3 Days/2 Nights/9 Dives Safari
Day Details
Day 1 2 Day Dives and 1 Night Dive in Tulamben Bay inc USAT Liberty Shipwreck
Day 2 3 Day Dives in Amed (eg: Bunutan Point, Pyramid, Amed Wall)
Day 3 3 Day Dives at Padangbai (eg: Blue Lagoon, Turtle Neck, Jepun)