Bali Dive Sites: Mimpi Channel

Muck Dive Sites – Mimpi Channel

Mimpi Channel near the Menjangan jetty is known for its profusion of Mandarinfish along with lionfish, Twin spot gobies, Pyjama cardinalfish and Coral cardinalfish.
Mating Mandarianfish

Mating Mandarinfish

Mimpi Channel

This muck diving site is about 5 minutes by local boat from Mimpi Menjangan’s jetty.

The water temperature at Mimpi Channel is usually 27-30°C with low visibility (5-20m depending which part you dive). The water is always very calm, with no current.

The bottom topography is a white sand slope with mainly Staghorn corals and some soft corals.

Here the focus is usually looking for Mandarinfish. We also see lionfish, batfish, many Pyjama and Coral cardinalfish, gobies including Twin-Spot Goby, which is also called the Crab-Eyed Goby.

The site is very shallow from 2 to 10m. It makes an ideal Sunset and/or Night Dive.