Bali Dive Sites: Pemuteran Biorock

Muck Dive Sites – Pemuteran Biorock

Pemuteran Biorock has unique reef structures with a base of metal where low level electricity encourages coral growth on the metal. This area is a macro location and is normally a flat calm spot.
Pemuteran Biorock Artificial Reefs

Pemuteran Biorock Artificial Reefs

Pemuteran Biorock Artificial Reefs

Much has been written about the use of low-level electricity to speed up coral growth (and perhaps provide more tolerance for increased water temperatures, thereby avoiding future coral bleaching) on these metal ‘structures’. Leaving the technology to one side, it has created an interesting dive location!

If you would like a bit more information on the process, email AquaMarine Diving Bali please email us.

Diving is straight off the beach and as, the water is generally warm (27-29°C), flat and calm with next to no current, it is suitable for even the most beginner diver – and snorkellers. That said, visibility can be low (as low as 10m) however a comparatively small location it doesn’t really affect your diving. December to March can be wavy.

The artificial reefs sit on white sand and provide homes for Signal gobies, eels, small rays, lionfish, frogfish and scorpionfish including Leaf scorpionfish. We have also seen Pegasus seamoths and Finger dragonets here. The structures themselves have hard and soft corals, sea fans, tunicates, sponges and more.