Bali Dive Sites: Tulamben Seraya Slope

Muck Dive Site – Tulamben Seraya Slope

Seraya Slope is one of our favourite muck sites for interesting discoveries. The macro life here includes a wide range of shrimps, pipefish, crabs, nudibranchs, and other fabulous creatures.
Boxer Crab or Pom Pom Crab, Lybia edmondsoni

Boxer Crab or Pom Pom Crab, Lybia edmondsoni

Tulamben Seraya Slope

As well as the main, central site called ‘Seraya’, named for a nearby resort, this small area also encompasses various individual muck sites. As with all the Tulamben Area dive sites, these muck diving sites have a black sand bottom and little coral growth.

It is a little difficult to write about several similar sites under one heading so, if you are interested in diving ‘Seraya’; we suggest you ask AquaMarine to include it in your Underwater Macro Dive Safari and then discuss with your guide face-to-face which sites would be most suitable based on your wishlist.

Menu of Species at Tulamben Seraya Slope



Macro Life

The macro life includes a wide range of shrimps (including Harlequin, Anemone, Tiger, Coleman, Coral), ghostpipefish, crabs including Zebra, Boxer and Decorator, Mimic octopus, nudis including (with an AMD-B spotter guide!) even the Donut Doto nudi!

Cleaning Stations

There are some very picturesque cleaning stations with crinoids dotted around, moray eels, Cleaner wrasse and a variety of Cleaner shrimp, angelfish, groupers, sweetlips and similar.

Around dusk, as you scan the sand for photo opportunities, try to remember to look up – the number of batfish that simply hang, unmoving, in mid-water above you is quite extraordinary!