Bali Dive Sites: Padangbai – Blue Lagoon

Padangbai Dive Sites – Blue Lagoon/Jepun

Blue Lagoon/Jepun, one of the dive sites located in Padangbai is an ideal spot for new divers as well as divers interested in exploring for unusual and rare marine species, and for macro photographers.
Mating Cuttlefish, Blue Lagoon

Mating Cuttlefish

Blue Lagoon/Jepun

Blue Lagoon/Jepun is a small bay just outside Padangbai; it has a very unassuming appearance and is essentially a white sand slope and bottom with small scattered bits of reef and coral.

AquaMarine often uses Blue Lagoon/Jepun for Open Water Diver courses and also for introducing people to diving with the PADI Discover Scuba Diving. It is a boat dive and makes for a nice gentle day in the water. However, divers should not be fooled into thinking this is a site to be overlooked due to its calm conditions and protected location.

Take a closer look and you’ll find an entrancing variety of marinelife in this area just waiting to be uncovered. This includes a collection of resident Blue-spotted rays and a large Napoleon wrasse through to nudibranchs of all shapes, sizes and colours and surprising discoveries of scorpionfish, lionfish and moray eels.

Blue Lagoon/Jepun is a great place for amateur macro photographers to learn the ropes as well as those looking for a collection of unusual marinelife to observe. Visibility is usually good (15-20m) and there is rarely a current in the area.