Bali Dive Sites: Padangbai – Mimpang

Padangbai Dive Sites – Mimpang

Mimpang is a rocky outcrop located off Bali’s eastern coast where there are great opportunities to see sharks.
Schooling Snappers at Mimpang

Schooling Snappers


From the surface Mimpang is really three large rocks, the closest of the Amuk Bay sites to Blue Lagoon.

Underwater, the dive site is more like a collection of ridges and large rocks, with a steep wall on the south.


Conditions here can vary from being quite calm and relaxing to being a challenging dive. Visibility is good and the temperature here is usually quite constant unless there’s a cold current coming down.

Diverse Marinelife

The real magic of Mimpang lies in its rich and diverse marinelife. It is generally acknowledged as one of the best places to see sharks in Bali, and since conditions are quite stable this can be a really enjoyable dive for those wanting to see sharks in the area. Mimpang is also known as Shark Point.

It is also considered to have a lush and rich reef life, to be found mostly on the south end.

Species to be seen and enjoyed here on a regular basis include schools of sweetlips, butterflyfish, bannerfish, and unicornfish.

A garden of multi-coloured anemones shelter triggerfish of all shapes and sizes. It is not uncommon to spot moray eels and Blue-spotted rays.

In terms of the shark sightings, it is usually White-tip reef sharks that populate the area.