Bali Dive Sites: Padangbai – Tepekong

Padangbai Dive Sites – Tepekong

Tepekong is another rocky outcrop located off Bali’s east coast which provides challenging and exciting diving for advanced divers, and those looking for amazing scenery in the form of The Canyon.



Tepekong is the next rock formation after Mimpang offering great diving in the Amuk Bay area. There are different areas that make up this site from the steep walls to the Canyon, and all are prone to currents and unpredictable conditions. For experienced divers, this site offers a lot in the way of moray eels, rays and other pelagics in addition to its spectacular scenery.

The east side of Tepekong is a steep wall starting at around 14m and plummeting to approximately 40m. The site starts with a reef slope which can either be followed around to the left or you can head to the wall on the right. Both areas provide a great opportunity to spot schools of sweetlips of many varieties, butterflyfish, scorpionfish, parrotfish and angelfish. In addition you may catch a glimpse of a turtle, barracuda or tuna.

The south west end of Tepekong is home to a beautiful and awe-inspiring canyon, conveniently referred to as ‘The Canyon’. The black stone walls provide a dramatic backdrop to the schools of sweetlips, Bumphead parrotfish, batfish, unicornfish and much more. There are also occasional sightings of sharks, Mola-Mola and tuna.