Bali Specialty Dive Courses – Manta Ray Awareness Distinctive Specialty

PADI Manta Ray Awareness Distinctive Specialty

Divers worldwide love the grace and beauty of the Manta rays. Join AquaMarine to undertake the Manta Ray Awareness Distinctive Specialty, and learn more about these magnificent creatures.
PADI Manta Ray Diver Distinctive Specialty Course

PADI Manta Ray Distinctive Specialty Course

Manta Rays Year Round in Bali

In Bali we are lucky to sight Manta Rays year around. By learning more about Mantas, each diver can become actively involved in their conservation, and help to educate other people about the importance of Mantas as well as fun and interesting facts about them.

Manta Ray Awareness

The PADI Manta Ray Awareness Specialty will introduce you to the classifications of Manta rays, Manta ray physiology and features, reproduction, habitats, cleaning, feeding, diving with Manta rays and Manta ray conservation.

Although your Manta Ray Awareness Distinctive Specialty involves direct instruction by your AMD-B PADI Instructor, no diving is required. However, AquaMarine recommends diving at Nusa Penida including Manta Point to put your new knowledge to the test – a fantastic experience.

Show Info & Price: Manta Ray Diver Distinctive Specialty
PADI Manta Ray Diver Distinctive Specialty
General Overview
Min. Age: 12
Min. Certification: Open Water Diver (or Junior OW) with suitable experience.
Recommended Advanced Open Water Diver (or Junior AOW)
No. of Dives: 0
Duration: half day
Max. Depth: 18 metres (or certification level)
Location in Bali (suggested): Nusa Penida including Manta Point
eLearning: no
Next course: none
IDR 162 $£€¥…USD 105 |  $£€¥… + day trip
+OWDC IDR 905 $£€¥…USD 585 |  $£€¥…
+AOWDC IDR 789 $£€¥…USD 510 |  $£€¥…

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