Menjangan Dive Trips – 1 Day

Reef Diving, Wall Diving, Wreck Diving

Recommended as a 2 Days/1 Night Safari (dive and accommodation package), Menjangan Island can also be done as a (long) One Day Trip. The area boasts lovely reefs, impressive walls, a deep wreck, warm waters and calm conditions. Menjangan Island is a lovely Day Trip for divers and snorkellers of all levels and enables you to see some very different Balinese scenery.
Menjangan Dive Trip (Wall Dive), Reef Scene

Menjangan Dive Trip (Wall Dive), Reef Scene

Menjangan SCUBA Diving Trips  – 1 Day

Menjangan Island is located on the north side of Bali’s north west point, approximately 3.5 hours from south Bali.

As that is a long way to go for a Day Trip, AquaMarine suggests a 2 Days/1 Night Safari (dive and hotel package) for diving at Menjangan Island, with an overnight stay at one of our recommended hotels.

Menjangan Island’s dive sites were the first in Bali to be internationally acclaimed and they continue to be popular today.

With lovely reefs, amazing walls, calm conditions and even a mysterious wreck dive, there is more than enough to see on a Day Trip here.

Menjangan Dive Trip, Reef Scene with Anthias and Crinoid

Menjangan Island

Menjangan Dive Trip (Sunset Dive), Mandarinfish

Menjangan Dive Trip (Sunset Dive), Mandarinfish

To cross over to Menjangan Island, we use one of the local boats licensed by West Bali National Park. These boats usually take 4 divers and 1 Divemaster. AquaMarine can source slightly larger boats if required.

Depending on which site your AquaMarine dive guide chooses for your first Menjangan Island dive, the boat journey will take 30-45 minutes.

Be sure to let us know if you’d like to add another dive to your schedule or even stay overnight.

For divers who are staying overnight, we can include a Sunset Dive in Mimpi Channel on the mainland. This is the ideal time and location to see Mandarinfish!

Menjangan Dive Trip Prices, PADI Courses, Travel Arrangements

Menjangan Day Trips – General Overview

Menjangan Dive Sites: Anker Wreck
Garden Eel Point
Pos II
PADI Courses: Scuba Diver
Open Water Diver
Advanced Open Water Diver
Rescue Diver
PADI Specialties:
Boat Diver

Deep Diver
Digital UW Photographer
Peak Performance Buoyancy

UW Naturalist
Prices are per person,
based on minimum 2 divers.
1 person possible at additional cost
IDR 263 $£€¥…USD 170 |  $£€¥…
Recommended as a 2 Day/1 Night Safari (dive and accommodation package)
Trip Arrangements: Inclusions, Travel times,
Pickup times, What to bring,
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