Bali Dive Sites – Tulamben Area

Tulamben Diving – Walls, Wrecks, Muck Diving, Pelagics!

Tulamben Area Bali Dive Sites Map

Tulamben Area Bali Dive Sites Map

Tulamben Area: From Muck to Pelagics

There are, in fact, quite a number of dive sites in the Tulamben Area (ie: outside Tulamben Bay). Most are mainly to the south east, but here we are only detailing the better-known sites.

Because these sites are outside Tulamben Bay, they are more exposed and can be affected by currents however they are suitable for all levels beyond beginner.


Tulamben Area Dive Sites

Two small walls (approx 25m depth with viz of 20m) offer gentle drift-diving past numerous sea fans (with Pygmy seahorses) and a variety of sponges, as well as hard and soft corals.

Here you’ll quite often see some of Tulamben’s school of huge Bumphead parrotfish munching on the coral and White-tip and Black-tip reef sharks looking for their next meal.

An unusual and exciting site just outside Tulamben Bay that provides opportunities to see pelagics as well as reef life different from that inside the Bay.

Around 20-30m depth, the reef becomes richer with a large number of sponges, including Barrel sponges, and is a good place to see reef sharks. Both Thresher sharks and Eagle rays are (occasionally) seen here. There is a small drop-off with Elephant ear sponges and hard corals, and some large, semi-resident Napoleon wrasse.

What to Expect at the Tulamben Area Dive Sites

What You Can See in Tulamben Area

Some of these Tulamben Area dive sites are popular areas for macro (muck) diving revealing many small critters in easy-to-photograph environments. The best known is Seraya Slope, further details of which are found on our Muck Diving page.

The diving at other sites is best below 18m and therefore offers the possibility to see pelagics including Manta and Eagle rays, some sharks – mainly reef sharks but there have been sightings of Scalloped hammerheads, and the occasional Mola-Mola (Ocean sunfish).

AquaMarine Diving – Bali could easily put together a 7+ Day Tulamben Bay and Tulamben Area Dive Sites Safari with 3-4dives/day at a different site each day. If that appeals to you, contact us via our request page and we’ll go from there.

The sites offer a variety of conditions and types of diving, one of our most popular trips is to Seraya Slope for our muck divers and macro photographers. Emerald is a good place for sharks, rays and Barrel sponges.

Popular Sites in the Tulamben Area

These Tulamben Area dive sites include Seraya for muck-diving and Batu Kelebit, Palung-Palung, Kubu, and Emerald for other marinelife including reef sharks, Napoleon wrasse and Bumphead parrotfish.

Tulamben Area Dive Sites General Overview

Area surrounding Tulamben Bay, north east coast of Bali
12 – 25 metres
12 – 25 metres
None to mild
Min. Level:
Dive Types:
Shore or jukung (local boat) dive
Wall, reef and muck diving
Some of these sites are less protected than Tulamben Bay therefore both visibility and the water temperatures can vary.
Popular areas for macro (muck) diving revealing many small critter species in an easy to photograph environment as well as opportunities to view pelagics in Batu Kelebit.
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