AMD-B’s Marine Conservation over the Past Five Years

by Ara, AMD-B’s Environment Officer

What are your first thoughts or images when you hear the words “Blue” and “Project”? Perhaps something connected to ‘water’? Or maybe: A dive centre running an Environmental Conservation programme – does that ring any bells? Because that’s us, that’s what AquaMarine Diving – Bali is doing.

Let me tell you more details.

AquaMarine became established as an Ocean Ambassador to run environmental conservation activities under the name of ‘Blue Project’. In addition to introducing eco-awareness to our PADI students and guests on Recreational Diving Trips, we wanted to show our dedication to marine conservation.

After BP was launched, we joined ‘Adopt The Blue’ by 100% AWARE programme by the PADI AWARE Foundation. The two dive locations AMD-B adopted are both outside Padangbai on Bali’s east coast: The Jetty and Mushroom Point – Turtle Neck

The whole AMD-B Team put our hearts and full commitment to do Dive Against Debris (DAD) every single month since that time. We have never stopped, not once even during COVID lockdown. We will always continue our commitment.

We have also diversified our activities, not only for AMD-B’s annual Interns but also for divers and PADI students who want to join us.


Blue Project 2019 and 2020

AMD-B’s 11 Months Zero-to-Hero PADI Divemaster Interns were introduced to charities and NGOs such as:

Waste Management site visits: ecoBali in 2019 & Kura-Kura Bali in 2020; Mangrove Conservation: Mangrove Nusantara; Turtle Conservation and Rehabilitation: Kurma Asih in Perancak, NW Bali; Coral Reef Restoration (local community): Nusa Dua Reef Foundation; School Visits for Environmental Presentations and Group Beach Clean-ups.

You can see more of our activities on AMD-B’s Blue Project website page: AquaMarine Diving – Bali: Eco Awareness Bali – Blue Project

Blue Project 2021 and 2022

Due to COVID-19, 2020 was a quiet year for Blue Project. In addition, COVID-19 had a mega impact on AquaMarine’s operations.

But ‘BP by AMD-B’ tried to not stand-still during the Pandemic.

We introduced a weekly ‘Environmental Webinar’ series and had some really amazing speakers who provided AMD-B and our audience with a lot of useful and diverse information. The speakers were from individuals to CEOs, and came from local grass-roots programmes as well as international conservation organisations. Sometimes time-zones were a challenge but we made it.

During the same time period, AMD-B’s ‘Dive Against Debris’ programme expanded into installing 10 MARRS Reef Structures, Blue Project’s Coral Restoration Project. AMD-B was assisted by LivingSeas.

So, from that point forward, BP’s monthly Dive Against Debris has included additional coral monitoring activities.


Blue Project 2023

Both AquaMarine Diving – Bali and ‘Blue Project by AquaMarine Diving – Bali‘ are back and operating normally!

This year we are fulfilling our goal to grow Blue Project. We are also aiming towards AMD-B’s stated goals including “Conserve the ocean” and “Run our diving business in a more sustainable way” as well as educate and set an example for local communities in Bali.

BP by AMD-B also focuses on raising eco-awareness among visiting divers of all nationalities as well as local divers. We welcome with wide open arms the people who would like to join our Blue Project programmes – notably the Dive Against Debris event on the 4th of every month.

What could be better than to have a good relationship with the ocean! It gives you a remarkably good feeling to get great feedback from Mother Nature.