AMD-B has been a 100% AWARE Partner for More Than a Decade

by Mardia, AMD-B’s 2023 Divemaster Internship


As a business that heavily relies on the ocean, AMD-B understands its moral responsibility to protect and conserve the well-being of the undersea. As dive operators, we recognize the critical role we play in offering the opportunity to experience the never-ending beauty of the ocean while promoting environmental and marine conservation.

To fulfill this purpose, AMD-B has been an ardent 100% AWARE partner for over a decade. We actively promote a thriving and bountiful ocean by contributing donations to Project AWARE on behalf of every student who is certified through PADI PIC Online with us. Moreover, every student certified with us receives the Project AWARE version of their PADI certification card. This allow students to proudly display their support and cherish their positive experiences for a better ocean with us.

We have also dedicated our company to becoming a PADI Eco Dive Center, supporting conservation through PADI AWARE Adopt The Blue to increase awareness of conservation issues and take responsibility for their resolution. The ‘Blue Project’ serves as the foundation of our Eco Dive Center. Through this initiative, we actively support conservation efforts by adopting dive sites, undertaking reef restoration, and organizing regular beach and underwater clean-up events.

100%-AWARE-Partner-Beach Cleanup

This year, we are thrilled to share the significant progress we have made in our conservation endeavors. We have installed 45 hexagonal reef stars, providing a habitat for marine life and contributing to reviving marine ecosystems. Additionally, we have successfully restored 810 coral fragments, aiding in the recovery of fragile coral reefs. Furthermore, in our ongoing commitment to reducing marine debris, we have made substantial efforts in our adopted sites, Padangbai Beach, The Jetty, and Blue Lagoon. As of 2023, we have removed 120.325 kgs of marine waste and 129.23 kgs of coastal waste.

As a PADI Eco Dive Center, we strictly adhere to the environmental guidelines set by PADI and Green Fins. We aim to minimize our impact on marine ecosystems by following sustainable diving practices. We take great pride in our marine conservation efforts and ensure that our dive operations have a minimal ecological footprint.

At AMD-B, we firmly believe that education and awareness are key drivers of change. In addition to our conservation efforts, we have conducted community outreach programmes in local schools to raise awareness about ocean protection and educate students about the importance of preserving our oceans. Moreover, we have collaborated with local organizations to further our cause. By joining forces, we can amplify our impact and work towards a sustainable future for our oceans.