Bunaken Marine Park

Located to the north of Manado, the capital of North Sulawesi, Bunaken National Park includes Bunaken, Siladen, Manado Tua, Montehage and Nain Islands.

The area has outstanding marine biodiversity with bright blue waters, abundant marinelife, healthy reefs, great macro life, and a wide variety of fishes.


Diving in Bunaken Marine Park

The reef is good all the way around Bunaken Island, with 13 main dive sites. This is the centerpiece of the reserve and – with careful observation – around this one island, you could probably see the majority of coral reef fishes found in Indonesia.

All the dive sites have similar features: Steep coral-covered walls with many small caves, all buzzing with small and medium reef fish. Due to the clarity of the water, good coral growth extends quite deep; on the deeper parts of the walls, you can often see sharks, large rays, and Napoleon wrasse. Currents are usually gentle, perfect for a slow drift that allows you to stop whenever you want.

Bunaken Diving Seasons

Diving is good year-round with average visibility of 20-35 meters; however, the best conditions are from April to October. November to late February can be windy and rainy meaning less-than-great surface conditions. Sharks are most often seen in June.


How to Reach Bunaken

There are domestic flights from Jakarta and Bali to Manado, and then by boat if not staying on the mainland.

For more info on diving Bunaken Marine Park, and to start your planning, please make sure your AMD-B Travel Consultant is aware of your needs. As always, they will be more than happy to offer recommendations and make arrangements to suit your preferences. Contact us on Tours@AquaMarineDiving.com today!