Diving with Mola Mola (Ocean sunfish)

In the past, aggressive divers routinely disturbed Ocean sunfish at cleaning stations. This resulted in them spending less time near shore and greatly limited the number of sightings. Records from the early ‘90s show that Mola-Mola were seen in far greater numbers, were more at ease, and remained stationary at cleaning stations for longer periods. This allowed divers to enjoy their natural behaviour with longer encounters with the mysterious Ocean sunfish.

AMD-B’s Mola-Mola Code of Conduct is designed to provide an enjoyable and safe diving experience while ensuring the lowest impact on Bali’s Ocean sunfish. The aim of our Code of Conduct is to ensure they can settle onto cleaning stations without being disturbed. Once settled, they remain for longer periods offering better quality interaction for divers. We hope they can rebound to their previous high numbers.


Mola-Mola CoC Relevant to AMD-B Divers

If Mola-Mola are entering the cleaning station, do not approach until cleaning has begun and they are stationary for minimum 1 minute.

Maintain a minimum of 10 metres when MM are approaching the reef and not yet cleaning.

When at the cleaning station, maintain a minimum of 3 metres from the closest Ocean sunfish.

You will remove mucus protecting it from infection.

Approach Mola-Mola slowly within its field of view.

Do not swim behind an Ocean sunfish as this can startle it.

Do not swim under an Ocean sunfish as your bubbles may disturb cleaning behaviour.


Do not block its escape route off the reef or pathway onto a cleaning station (it will leave!).

If a Mola-Mola approaches, remain still.

Do not use flash photography.

Do not make loud noises (including tank bangers and similar).

AquaMarine restricts group sizes to a maximum of 4 divers and 1 guide. For more than 1 group, entries will be staggered to avoid overcrowding.

To be courteous to other divers, AMD-B will restrict viewing time to 5 minutes when other groups are present.

Always follow the directions of your AMD-B dive guide.

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