Raja Ampat Biodiversity

Raja Ampat Biodiversity - Anemonefish

Raja Ampat Biodiversity - Anemonefish

Raja Ampat Biodiversity – World’s Richest Coral Reefs

According the WWF, Raja Ampat is home to the richest coral reefs on earth, due to this fact, Raja Ampat Biodiversity is outstanding with

  • More than 1,300 species of coral reef fish
  • Five species of rare and endangered sea turtles including the hawksbill sea turtle
  • More than 600 species of hard coral within the Bird’s Head Seascape, 75% in the entire world
  • 13 marine mammals species, including the dugong
  • 700 species of mollusk, including at least 7 giant clam species
  • 57 species of mantis shrimp within the Bird’s Head Seascape

It’s no surprise the area is famous among experienced divers as one of the top liveaboard destinations in the world.

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