Scuba Diving is a great Family Activity

The family that (learns to) dive together, stays together

Here in AquaMarine Diving – Bali we have noticed an increased number of families choosing Scuba Diving and Snorkelling Holidays to celebrate milestones (birthdays, graduations, and similar) rather than spending the money on parties and gifts.

Maybe that’s because during the pandemic, everyone had to put their travelling on-hold. Lockdown also provided an opportunity to reappraise the best ways to create lasting family memories…

And what better way than learning to scuba dive as a family while on holiday in Bali!

Sharing the experience of learning to scuba dive together creates better connections with other members of your family as well as the ocean. You develop a greater sense of responsibility for each other and increased self-confidence.


Learning to Scuba Dive while on a Family Holiday in Bali is easy

Children as young at 8yo can take the PADI Bubblemaker course. The PADI Junior Open Water Divers course is available from 10 years of age.

Training conditions in Bali are ideal for families. There is very little current in either Tulamben Bay (shore diving, NE Bali) or Blue Lagoon (boat diving) on Bali’s east coast.

For Certified Divers, the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course can also be conducted in the same locations. Tulamben Bay is home of the world famous 120 metres USAT Liberty Shipwreck, now a beautiful artificial wreck (shallow enough for snorkellers). Wreck, UW Naturalist, Digital UW Photographer, Deep, Night Diver and other PADI Specialties can also be taken in Tulamben Bay and Blue Lagoon.


Annabel Thomas (Founder and Owner-operator of AMD-B) spoke to Julie Andersen, Senior Director, PADI Global Brand & Media, and Founder, Shark Angels:

Why would you encourage parents to introduce their children to scuba diving?

Our children are the future of our blue planet. When parents introduce their children to scuba diving, they are sparking a passion for the underwater world. It is a life-changing experience that will give them a love for exploration. In addition, they will acquire life-long skills to take action and play a pivotal role in saving the ocean. But it’s also so, so much more than that.

My father taught me, my mother and brother how to dive. To this day, our best memories are the times spent underwater with one another on epic adventures around the globe. We will all forever treasure not just the experience, but the fact that we shared it together. We are all better together – and independently – because of diving.

From my experience, there is simply no better skill to learn, or share, with your family. I am certain that it will absolutely change your children’s (and our planet’s) future.


Why should families dive together?

Learning new skills, exploring the underwater world together and saving our blue planet together – these are once in a lifetime family experiences that will never be forgotten. I speak from personal experience! My first scuba diving experience as a child (with my father) changed the course of my life forever. I still remember that moment I dipped my head below the surface for the first time. A whole new, incredible world was unveiled. Sharing that magical moment with my family is something I will always cherish.

“Learning to dive on holiday provides people with a chance
to truly disconnect from the outside world and be in the moment”
Julie Andersen, Senior Director, PADI Global Brand & Media
and Founder, Shark Angels

Lembeh Strait

Lembeh Strait

If you ask where in Indonesia you should go for a muck diving, we would recommend Bali, Lembeh, Wakatobi, Ambon, or Alor. Depends on how you set up your agenda, these destination can be pieced altogether and you can have them all in one go. Given a limited budget and time availability, you can narrow down your options between Bali or Lembeh (or maybe both!) Anyway, let’s talk more about Lembeh.


How to Reach Lembeh

Lembeh is an island in north Sulawesi, located across the town of Bitung. The strait that forms between Lembeh island and Bitung is a haven to many critters hence it famously known as Lembeh Strait.

To get here, normally you can choose to fly to Manado through Singapore or you can go via Jakarta or Bali with a domestic flights. If an airport transfer is inclusive in your purchased package, your resort would pick you up straight from Manado airport, land transport you to Bitung and cross over to Lembeh island with a boat if the resort is in the island. There are also several resort that are located in Bitung and you might only need to get on the boat in your diving days.


Diving in Lembeh

September to October is known to be the most popular time of visit. Whilst December to February is rainy season, it does not pour much in Lembeh compared to other regions in Indonesia – visibility is not bad either and that it does not affect the diving much. Currents are typically mild to zero so you would expect a relaxed dive trip.

One of the dive sites is known as Nudi Falls. As it name indicates, the site is a home to a variety of Nudibranches. Sightings here also includes striped eel catfish and features a black-saddled toby, whiteface waspfish, plumstriped waspfish, painted anglerfish (frogfish), banded pipefish, bartail moray, princely volute, leaf scorpionfish, decorator crab, anemone hermit crab, nudibranchs, pygmy seahorse, hornnosed boxfish, crocodilefish, anemone crab, saddleback anemonefish, starry night octopus, reef octopus, dwarf cuttlefish and squid. If you are lucky, you may also encounter Lembeh Sea Dragon in this site.

There are several dive centres that may be able to accommodate your requests and they are also varies in terms of budget and facilities. You may email our Dive Travel Consultant the details that you are looking for and they would be more than happy to recomend/arrange something for you.


Non-diving Day in Lembeh

If you prefer to be more adventurous on your non-diving days, you can visit the Tangkoko Nature reserve in Bitung. In here you may encounter the tarsiers, the black macaque monkeys, maleo birds, cuscus and the hornbills.

You can choose to go the extra miles for Minahasa Highland tour to get to know the local culture: From weaving factory, pottery, the macabre local market, the color-changing lake, Chinese temples, and although visiting a cemetery is not everyone’s afternoon tea, Minahasan Ancient Cemetery holds a great historical value that may satiated your curiousity.

Are you ready for both in-land and underwater adventure?

AMD-B 24th Birthday

Diving Into 24 Years of Adventure: AquaMarine's Journey to Excellence

by Mardia, AMD-B’s 2023 Divemaster Internship


On this special day of 18 September 2023, AquaMarine Diving – Bali is filled with immense pride and joy as we celebrate the 24th anniversary. AquaMarine has been dedicated to providing unparalleled diving experiences, discovering stunning underwater worlds, and advocating for marine conservation for over two decades.

Starting as a very small, but passionate, company in 1999, AquaMarine has grown into one of the most reputable diving companies in the industry. Throughout the journey, we have always aimed to exceed expectations by prioritizing safety, professionalism, and adventure for the guests.

AquaMarine is also committed to ocean sustainability through the Blue Project. This initiative aims to connect and appreciate the marine environment by raising awareness about preserving the ocean and its inhabitants. Through beach clean-ups, underwater clean-ups, campaigns, educational initiatives, and collaboration with local communities, we strive to positively impact the marine ecosystems we explore.


The director, Annabel Thomas, expressed her disbelief that it’s already been 24 years since the company opened. However, she also shared her wishes for the future, including the staff’s professional development, continued support for the local dive community, providing excellent service for guests, promoting Bali’s phenomenal diving, and sharing the beauty of the underwater world with as many people as possible.

Of course, none of this would have been possible without the unwavering support of AquaMarine’s loyal customers and dedicated team members. We extend our heartfelt gratitude for the trust, enthusiasm, and belief in our mission. Together, we have made countless memories and formed lifelong friendships. We are excited to continue exploring and sharing the beauty of the underwater world with everyone. Here’s to 24 years of excellence in diving and many more to come!